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The Ganga Zuari Academy is a not-for-profit cultural organization.

It aims to encourage social harmony through inclusive cultural growth.

A host of intellectuals that include scientists, academicians, company managing directors, writers, dancers, art directors, teachers, and top civil servants have formed this Academy (Registration No. 320/GOA/2007, PAN card No AABAG1117).

The then Governor of Goa formally launched this Academy on 24 May 2007.

The Academy has General Council (i.e., General Body) and 9 member Governing Presidium (i.e., Executive Committee).

The Academy has three Wings, looking after specialized activities:
Unmesh - Literature, Language, and Philosophy
Chhandovani - Performing Arts
Aakar - Fine Arts & Festivals


Among the projects the Academy has worked on in recent past are:

State Level Solo & Group dance competition based on Semi classical songs

Several workshop on teaching Contemporary Dance

Spoken-Conversational Konkani course for the resident non-Goans
Multi-lingual Theater Festival

Goa-Bengal fest in Goa to commemorate 150th Birth anniversary of Gurudev Tagore

Workshop on Swami Vivekananda: Realizing Self Potential & Redefining Success

Several Film Festivals

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