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Mission of the Academy:

  • To bring about awareness among the masses for creation of healthy innovative minds to encourage, develop, and sustain socially meaningful film, fine and performing arts
  • To strengthen the cultural bonds between Goa and Bengal, and promote conservation of socio-cultural heritage across the Nation.


Objectives of the Academy:

  • To promote socially meaningful Film and Performing arts (cinema- largely non-feature, documentary, short film, animation, theatre, acting, music, songs, choreography, etc.).
  • To promote socially meaningful contemporary Fine arts (Sketch, brushing, sculpting, bronze work, painting, mural, drawing, etc.).
  • To develop sensitivity among the masses in these two states in particular for the development of good, socially relevant, meaningful Art form
  • To reach out the rich cultural heritage of India through film, fine and performing arts.
  • To promote cultural regeneration at the family, society, national and International levels.
  • To organise and manage Events in relating to meet the above objectives.



  • The Academy has three Wings, looking after specialized activities:
  • Among the projects the Academy has worked on in recent past is the
    • All Goa solo dance competition based on Semi classical songs
    • Several workshop on teaching Contemporary Dance
    • Spoken-Conversational Konkani course for the resident non-Goans
    • Multi-lingual Theater Festival


Constitution of Ganga Zuari


Governing Presidium of Ganga Zuari

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