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1. Address of the Society:
Jhinuk, 6 Ravi Raj Colony, Dona Paula 403004, Goa.

2. Membership:
(a) Any person subscribing to the Mission and Objectives of the Academy as given in items 2 and 3 in annexure I, can become a member by submitting a signed application in prescribed format along with membership fee.
(b) There will be Three types of Membership:
PATRON: Any persons interested in promoting aims & objectives of the Academy (=Life Member, Fee Rs. 10.000/- one time)
PRINCIPAL:  Any persons having interest in promoting the cause of the Academy ( =Life Member, Fee Rs. 4000/- one time)
ASSOCIATE:  Any person wanting to be a part of this movement (Associate Member, Fee Rs. 2000/- per year)

3. General Council [GC]
(a)Composition: All Diamond and Gold members will form the General Council of the Academy.
(b)Membership: A five-member creative-foundation-advisory group will screen all requests for membership to the General Council of the Academy. This group, comprising the President, two Vice Presidents, General Secretary, and the Joint General Secretary, will be encouraged to oversee the strengthening of the original mandate of the Academy and should ensure no-deviation from the mission and objectives by any new WPs of the Academy. The help of this Group while forming new Working Presidium could also be sought. 
(i) GC should meet at least once in a year to approve funds, activities and to offer guidance on Policy matters.
(ii) The quorum of such meeting will be one-fifth of the total enrolled and eligible non-default members or 25 members whichever is less.
(iii) In general, a notice of 250 hours in advance may be given for GC meeting.
(iv)In case of an emergency, a SPECIAL GC meeting may be called in 72 hours notice.
(v)Non-receipt of Notice by any members will not invalidate any resolution passed by the GC.
(vi) Written minutes of the GC should be maintained, which should be placed during next GC meeting for concurrence.
(d) Auditor: The GC should have the privilege to appoint an Auditor to prepare and maintain the Income-Expenditure, Receipts-Payments and Balance Sheet of the Council.
(e) Expulsion: The GC can expel any member if his/her activities are found inappropriate to his/her status / position. 
(f) Amendment: Any amendment to any of the Rules, Regulation and arrangement as enshrined in Annexure I, II and III can be made by the agreement of at least 51% of the enrolled, eligible, and non-default members present at the meeting.

4. Working Presidium [WP]
(i)WP will be a 09-member body to be nominated or elected by the General Council.
(ii)The composition of the Governing Presidium (GP) will also be revised to 1 President, 2-Vice Presidents, 1-General Secretary, 1-Joint General Secretary, 1-Treasurer, and Conveners of three activity wings- Unmesh, Chhandovani, Aakar.
(iii)The WP will have all executive powers- financial, logistics and policy.
(i)The General Council will elect the Chairperson first and then give him/her the freedom to recommend the members of the Working Presidium. Such recommendation should be placed before the GC for approval during the same meeting or later.
(ii)     The term of Office Bearers of the Working Presidium will be for three years.
(i)The Working Presidium will meet at least once in four months. The quorum of such meeting will be one-third of the total member (i.e., 5 members).
(ii)In general, a notice for 72 hours in advance may be given. However, in case of emergency WP meeting may be called in 24 hours notice.
(iii)Non-receipt of Notice by any members will not invalidate any resolution passed by the WP.
(iv)Written minutes of the WP should be maintained.
(i)A member will cease to be a member of WP, if s/he fails to attend three consecutive meetings of WP without prior permission of the Presidium.
(ii)WP is authorized to discuss and decide on suspension of any erring member(s) or Office bearers. However, expulsion of a member from the academy can however be decided by only the General Council.
(iii)Voting by proxy shall not be allowed.

5. Finance
(a)The following would comprise the Funds of the Academy: Donation, Subscription, Sponsorship to the Academy or to its any specific events, and interest earned thereon.
(b)All Funds of the Academy shall be maintained in a Scheduled Bank.
(c)Bank accounts of the Academy shall be operated jointly by any two of the following: President, General Secretary, and Treasurer.
(d)The expenses of the Academy shall involve any item(s) authorized by the President/ Working Presidium to further the cause and objectives of the Academy.

6. Duties of Office Bearers
(i)Shall preside over all meetings of GC and WP,
(ii)Shall exercise all powers as enumerated in other clauses of the Constitution,
(iii)Shall have the powers to accept any resignation,
(iv)Shall have the powers to constitute any Working Groups, and
(v)Shall empower to take any contingency decisions.

(i)Shall exercise all powers of the as given in 6a (i) to (v) in absence of the President.

(c) General Secretary and Joint General Secretary:
(i)Shall conduct all correspondence of the Council,
(ii)Shall convene meetings of GC and WP,
(iii)Shall organize and arrange implementation of decisions of GC and WP,
(iv)Shall be in charge of all Books and Records of the Council,
(v)Shall provide help and guidance to the sectional Conveners in the activities of the Academy.

(c)Treasurer and Joint Treasurer:
(i)Shall be responsible for all receipts and expenditure of the Council (with the approval of the President / General Secretary),
(ii)Shall maintain all Finance related books, records, receipts and papers,
(iii)Shall be responsible for getting the balance sheet prepared and audited. 
(iv)Shall attend to all Bank related work.

(i)Shall develop and work on innovative ideas for the best possible presentation of their sections,
(ii)Shall be responsible completely for the activities under their portfolio.
(iii)May choose members from Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze category, under the knowledge of the President / General Secretary to form smaller Working Groups to help the activities under their portfolio. 

7. Indemnify and Dissolution   
(a) Indemnify: Office Bearers shall be indemnified by the Academy for any losses and expenses incurred by them in discharging their respective duties, except on consequences due to their willful default or acts of commission or omission.

(b) Dissolution: The Academy shall be dissolved when two-thirds of the enrolled and eligible members of the GC decide so, and shall dispose off the property accrued in a manner deemed convenient and subject to the provisions of the Societies Registration Act, 1860.  

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