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A non-profit centre to promote inclusive socio-economic growth in the Society


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1. Preamble:

      1.1. Noting that there is a need to strengthen the good values in the Society leading to creation of balanced human being,

      1.2. Realizing that the time has come to repair the deficit of trust and goodness in the Society by removing economic and social disparity, and ensuring inclusive growth,

      1.3. Desiring that all stakeholders should try to make the society a caring, humane, professional and accountable based on the philosophy of Satyam-Shivam-Sundaram (i.e., Truth-Accountability-Aesthetics),

      1.4. Recognizing that it is essential to enliven the progress made in the fields of science and material-products with equal intensity of ethics, values and egalitarianism to enable sustainable, balanced and purposeful growth in the society,

Tapovan is formed as a non-profit platform by a passionate group of scientists, academicians, corporate managers, doctors, top civil servants, social workers, artists, and engineers, where individual minds would assemble into the collective mind to discover the strength, purpose and usefulness of Science of Human possibility.

2. Date of Adoption: Constitution of Tapovan was adopted on 23 September 2007

3. Character & Mission:  A not-for-profit, non-government initiative to help promote inclusive socio-economic growth in the Society

4. Objectives:

      4.1. To work for societal (particularly rural) development through scientific research, its innovative application and by making science meaningful to the society

      4.2. To encourage development of leadership in the Society through ethics, goodwill, empathy and sacrifice

      4.3. To discover the strength, purpose and usefulness of Science of Human possibility for the society

      4.4. To work out design to remove socio-economic disparity focusing on intrinsic human values

5. Approach & Activities:

      5.1. Integrate global thoughts to help design a new socio-economic order based on humanity, sraddha, dignity, and equality, which goes much beyond religion, caste, colour, race and nationality.

      5.2. Help establish ethical divineness (higher than religion) to ultimately bring Bliss (higher than peace) in the Society,

      5.3. Work selflessly, honestly, transparently, and namelessly, but with complete accountability and dedication

      5.4. Arrange dialogues on ethics, and egalitarianism among the humanity to better understand each other

      5.5. Promote ethical inclusiveness in the society by inculcating tolerance, harmony, sacrifice and accommodation

      5.6. Discover the strength, purpose and usefulness of Science of Human possibility for the society

      5.7. Use Core Competency of the respective member-professionals to contribute in societal (rural) development,

6. Registration Details: Registration No- 633/Goa/2007, Date-12 September 2007.

          Regd. Authority- Inspector General of Societies, North Goa, Panaji

7. Address of Tapovan:

      Mr. Bimalendu Dey 
      B-3 Siddhivinayak Housing Society
      Odlembhat, Taleigao- 403003, Goa, India
      Tel: 91-832-245-1182, Mobile: 98 92 34 56 57

8. Membership:

      8.1. Any person of impeccable integrity subscribing to the Mission and Objectives of the Academy as enshrined in Section 3 and 4, can become a member by submitting a signed application in prescribed format. The application can be approved by the Founding Members [FM] on the recommendation of the Governing Presidium [GP]. 



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